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Is the problem caused by your network, systems, or applications?

Products built by Network Instruments answer this question faster, more accurately, and more completely than any other options. It's why many of the most successful, well-recognized companies across the globe choose Network Instruments. Our products offer enterprise-wide reporting, troubleshooting and analysis, deep-packet inspection, infrastructure and resource monitoring, local and remote distributed data analysis, dedicated systems for authentication and security management, and complete packet capture for data access.

Observer Reporting Server (ORS)

Observer Reporting Server (ORS): The Big Picture

Get a 360-degree view of your network for accurate problem diagnosis.

High-level, enterprise-wide reporting with end-to-end visibility into network health. Macro and micro reporting with deep drilldown power, ORS provides behavior analysis with real-time and historical insights into future network trends for proactive intervention.


GigaStor: Retrospective Network Analyzer

Rewind, review, and resolve more than a petabyte of network data.

GigaStor's massive data collection and unique time-based analysis eliminates the task of recreating issues because you can see problems as they occur with all the detail you need – and then some.


Observer: The Complete Performance Monitor

Know, optimize, and troubleshoot your network.

Our integrated network analyzer provides visibility without limits, monitoring of complex operations across multiple topologies, rapid troubleshooting, insights into problems at their source, automated investigation, resolution processes, alarms, trending, VoIP analysis, and more.

Observer Infrastructure (OI)

Observer Infrastructure (OI): Robust Resource Monitor

Master configuration monitoring, application accessibility, cloud infrastructure,
and more.

OI pre-emptively queries systems, applications, critical resources, and changes in resource configurations to detect issues before they impact service delivery. It provides actionable information used to optimize network performance, plan IT resources, and more.


Probes: Remote Network Monitor

Aggregate information across network sites near and far.

Probes go the distance across multiple topologies for troubleshooting, collecting NetFlow data, network forensics, long-term data collection and more. Gen2 capture technology is ideal for gigabit and 10 Gb monitoring.


Matrix: Network Monitoring Switch

Maximize your monitoring investments with simplicity.

The Matrix extends the life of your network monitoring equipment with features such as powerful yet easy-to-use filtering, de-duplication, packet trimming, and flexible outbound traffic routing.


nTAPs: Complete Monitoring Device Access

Tap into all your traffic and aggregate two data streams simultaneously.

Use nTAPs to give your monitoring devices total access to full-duplex network traffic – the tool of choice for highly utilized and mission-critical links.


NIMS: Network Instruments' Management Server

Simplify probe administration, management, security, and maintenance.

From authenticating user access and passwords to upgrade administration, NIMS streamlines probe management from a single, centralized location.