Observer GigaStor


Observer GigaStor 2U

Recognized as one of the top 10 networking devices for 2013 by CRN.

Nothing Compares: 2U

Get more 10 Gb visibility with the powerful new Observer GigaStor compact.

Good things come in small packages, like the newest member of the Observer GigaStor Upgradeable product family. Now in addition to the 5U, there's a compact 2U form factor. It's the first field-upgradeable retrospective analysis appliance designed to provide powerful, cost-effective 10 Gb monitoring for enterprise teams migrating to higher speeds at the network edge.

A lean, mean troubleshooting machine, this new appliance has the speed and intelligence to monitor even the heaviest traffic loads. Built for the long-haul, it's equipped with the same big features of the 5U, including the exclusive Gen2 card for maximizing critical link performance, hot-swappable drives, Lights Out Management (LOM), redundant fans, and power supplies. And it's packed with software functions like real-time aggregated monitoring with core-to-edge views, comprehensive transaction details, smart troubleshooting workflows, and more.

As an industry leader with a history of non-stop innovation, Network Instruments is the first hardware and software developer to create a platform that can monitor saturated, full duplex 10 Gb links at line rate – without dropping a single packet. Plus, we're the only company to provide field-scalable, retrospective analysis appliances with the brawn for handling large datacenter demands and the agility for edge deployment.

Did we mention it's also cost-effective and scalable? This single appliance is available in 4, 8, or 16 TB capacities, providing growth flexibility that translates into time and cost savings.

Want to know more? Check out further details about the new GigaStor Field Upgradeable compact.

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In the financial industry, losing any data is a big deal. That's why we use Observer Analyzer Expert Edition and Observer GigaStor to ensure we see everything.

- Chicago Board Options Exchange

By deploying the Observer GigaStor at strategic places on the network we have the ability to go back in time, filter down to the particular traffic of interest and then do our analysis.

- Chicago Board Options Exchange

Its flexibility and storage capacity made Observer GigaStor Portable the logical choice on which to standardize our network practice.

- NEC Unified Solutions

Observer GigaStor and Observer's Expert Analysis allowed us to quickly isolate and resolve routing and retransmission issues with the email server. Without GigaStor, we could have spent hours trying to replicate the slowdown.

- Central Du Page Hospital