Application Performance Management (APM)

Optimize Applications. Minimize Downtime.

The Challenge of Great End-User Expectations

Managing an app-saturated network is complicated – and users expect perfection. What's more, application downtime costs big money. According to the Aberdeen Group, the average cost of downtime for companies in 2010 was $100,000/per hour. This cost has increased by 65 percent in less than two years due to the growth of automated business operations.

How do you ensure business critical applications perform at optimal levels? With an APM solution that provides application detail within the context of network performance. One that provides comprehensive application management ideally suited for network teams.

Application Performance Management

Solution? Contextual Troubleshooting and Insight

Manage application performance with confidence using Network Instruments' single, integrated solution. You get rapid-fire troubleshooting from application intelligence and analytics presented in the context of multiple app connections in a converged environment.

For example, when voice and video share bandwidth they can impact one another. If an issue occurs, how do you pinpoint the source of trouble? With Network Instruments' insights into component interaction and summary dashboards with real-time detail, there's no guesswork about which app is the root problem – and where it's located.

Get the Power of Informed Data Fusion

Total transparencyTotal transparency

From multi-tiered system resource delivery to individual responses, view every component of application performance. When service degrades or apps are out of line, our application dependency mapping connects all the multi-tiered dots, illustrates app dependencies, visualizes relationships, pinpoints issues, and expedites resolutions. You get a dynamic view into services through automated map build-outs that clearly highlight issues.

Analysis, troubleshooting, and performance optimizationAnalysis, troubleshooting, and performance optimization

One mega multi-tasking solution does it all. Comprehensive voice, video, applications, databases, middleware, and protocol details.

Baselines for proactive control, reduced app downtimeBaselines for proactive control, reduced app downtime

Establish normal application behavior and receive prioritized alerts when app performance begins to degrade and becomes abnormal.

Are users and apps getting along?	Are users and apps getting along?

Mine details on conversations between the application and end users to improve customer experience by delivering error-free service. Fast.

So many applications. So much depth.So many applications. So much depth.

What if you sent out a customer email with a software download and the link performance was erratic? With our deep analysis solution, you could see conversations as users accessed and navigated the site. Ultimately, you could locate the issue – determining it was a specific server in the load balancer queue.