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Industry-Specific Solutions for Optimal Service Delivery.

From banking to mobile communications, the Observer Performance Management Platform offers proven IT answers for diverse industries worldwide. This powerful solution provides the troubleshooting speedin-depth monitoring, and top-of-the line communications delivery required for fast, accurate transactions and positive user experience.

This technology caters to the unique needs of the enterprise, offering capabilities that facilitate success within defined business environments. One size doesn't fit all, and designing functionalities in response to individual performance management needs, budget requirements, trends, and anticipated growth is key. The Observer Platform is scalable and flexible, with the customized options required for your specific industry.

Industry Solutions



From remote offices to ATMs, raise the performance bar with end-to-end network and application monitoring for every IT resource. Optimize service delivery, ensure all transactions around-the-clock, and document compliance. As a banking solution, the Observer Platform provides the technology needed to quickly and accurately locate the root cause of an issue for fast resolution and increased network uptime.



Manage disasters, compliance reports, and massive amounts of data with comprehensive, responsive monitoring and rapid, precise troubleshooting. The Observer Platform is a proven solution for facilitating successful delivery of insurance needs including web-based customer service, claims processing, global call center support, and more.



Deliver lifesaving patient care support 24 hours a day, seven days a week with rapid detection and resolution of application issues, comprehensive data protection, and end-to-end UC insight to maintain critical communications.

High-Frequency Trading

High-Frequency Trading

Ensure instant access to market data and fast trades with detailed order-flow analytics. Monitor and rapidly address client problems, from submission to final execution. Isolate and eliminate points of congestion and dropped packets to reduce latency and optimize speed.


Mobile Communications

Now get comprehensive LTE network monitoring with complete visibility from the tower to core. Capture high-volume, high-speed data without missing a beat – or a packet. From subscriber to error codes, zoom into every detail for each single session.


High Performance You Can Bank On

Earn End-User Loyalty

Today's banking customers are a tough crowd to please. They're hypersensitive to fees while expecting secure, anytime, anywhere accessibility to their financial assets and records. Fickle with their loyalty, intense industry competition makes it easy to lure customers away with short-term incentives – especially if they've experienced delay when accessing their data.

For financial institutions to succeed, they must overcome severe budgetary pressures, technology churn, increased regulatory burdens, and escalating security threats. Banks need to address these challenges while simultaneously holding on and growing their customer base.

The solution? Survival requires sound technology investments. But to outpace competitor demands, IT teams need to architect resources for optimum performance and complete operational awareness. This starts with gaining a thorough understanding of user services and the supporting infrastructure.


From Mobile to Global, We Track Every Cent

From remote branch offices to ATMs, ensure edge-to-core performance across highly distributed infrastructures. The Observer Performance Management Platform raises the bar with true end-to-end network and application layer monitoring for all IT resources, including legacy applications. It's essential to get in-depth views of multi-tiered applications to effectively monitor the complex inter-relationship between user-facing web front ends, middleware, and legacy backend financial data sources. The Observer Platform alerts you to the first signs of degradation so issues can be resolved before impacting users – and you can instill end-user trust through reliable and accurate transaction experiences.

Management optimization also demands performance monitoring solutions that comply with corporate and federal oversight as well as data privacy regulations, including Gramm-Leach-Bliley, FIPS 140-2, and Fair Credit Reporting Acts.

Profit from Optimized Banking Service Delivery

See a wide range of IT resources with intense depth Reduce transaction downtime

Keep your network and applications running at maximum capacity with high-level dashboard views, deep drilldowns, and network rewind capabilities. An integrated part of the Observer Platform, the award-winning Observer GigaStor appliance rapidly pinpoints root cause for fast resolution and keeps you a step ahead of network, application, and security fires. Transaction-level detail allows network teams to visualize the flow and execution of various application tiers as users consume resources.

Increase uptime with end-to-end service health viewsClarify banking management decisions

App dependency mapping instantly shows inter-service relationships and potential resource bottlenecks for business lines including lending, investment, and online banking services. Performance monitoring delivers complete network and application views with support for thousands of banking and related apps like SAP, Oracle Financial Services, and Websphere MQ.

Get the industry's best VoIP and video support Protect your IT investment by using a platform that grows with your bank

Since banks need to watch their bottom line, most opt for flexible, scalable products that require no forklift upgrades. The Observer Platform is field upgradeable and supports a range of storage options and network speeds

Increase uptime with end-to-end service health viewsEnsure access to key financial services and records

Infrastructure health monitoring and packet capture analytics pinpoint performance issues throughout your bank's resource ecosystem, eliminating finger pointing between server, network, and application teams – whether cloud or locally hosted. Get high-level views with drilldown to service level errors for rapid triaging, issue resolution, and preventive resource planning.

Authentication Fortify fiscal data defenses

The Observer Platform offers comprehensive data protection, including strong user-access controls with encryption of at-rest and in-use analysis data. This maintains the integrity of banking operations, ensuring there's no degradation to regulatory or fiduciary data.

In the financial industry, losing any data is a big deal. That's why we use Observer Analyzer Expert Edition and Observer GigaStor to ensure we see everything.

- Chicago Board Options Exchange


Because Lives Depend on IT

Application performance solutions on the pulse of your network

When a patient's health history is part of your system, data protection is critical. And although you may not be an MD, you play an important, lifesaving role in the healthcare infrastructure. You are responsible for the delivery of services around-the-clock, preventing network and application performance issues that can put patients at risk.

With patient care support as your number one priority, IT teams have a multitude of additional demands. They're required to control costs, deliver outstanding customer service, support users on a variety of devices, and manage regulatory safeguards for patient records.

How can you meet these challenges with assurance? The Observer Performance Management Platform can help global healthcare organizations by delivers proven results, exceptional satisfaction, and a faster ROI than competitive products.


A Potent Rx for Robust Service Delivery

Rapidly adaptable to your environment, the Observer Platform ensures service delivery by accommodating the frequent changes and upgrades inherent to a highly regulated industry. Service delivery depends on wide application support with broad protocol awareness for a multitude of applications, including those unique to healthcare like EMRs, Picture Archiving and Communications (PACS), and Hospital Information Systems (HIS) solutions. For example, in-depth, end-to-end UC insight from VoIP to videoconferencing and telepresence are necessary to ensure high standards for patient communication and collaboration. IT teams must also ensure data security in order to protect health records, maintain critical patient-provider trust, and satisfy the 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Optimize Network and Application Health

Diagnose root cause with speed and accuracy Diagnose root cause with speed and accuracy

The rapid detection and resolution of application issues is critical for successful service delivery and patient safety. Dashboards offer global perspectives into system-wide status, while simple drilldown makes solving problems intuitive – both in real time and via Observer GigaStor's back-in-time analysis.

Ensure patient data safeguards

With the Observer Platform, you get comprehensive data protection throughout the IT environment. Capabilities include strong user access controls with encryption of at-rest and in-transit analysis data, ensuring there's no degradation to regulatory or patient data security.

Diagnose root cause with speed and accuracyGet extensive application monitoring

To facilitate the rapid, accurate communication and delivery of healthcare information, the Observer Platform offers heterogeneous application protocol awareness. Upon deployment, you will get immediate support for thousands of services, and the flexibility to quickly add visibility into applications like Epic and Allscripts.

Improve knowledge of applications with greater transaction-level detail

Access to transaction-level detail improves network team knowledge of applications. With clear, graphical representations of transaction data it’s easy to visualize the flow and execution of the various application tiers as users consume IT services.

Diagnose root cause with speed and accuracyUnderstand application interdependency instantly

Automated application dependency insights provide detailed breakouts of app elements for immediate knowledge of programs like Citrix, SQL, and their interdependencies. This includes holistic end-to-end views of service health.

Diagnose root cause with speed and accuracyCommunicate with consistent visual and audio clarity

The Observer Platform provides extensive UC support. In fact, it is the best VoIP and video support in the monitoring industry. Packed with rich features and capabilities, this powerful solution helps to ensure clear, uninterrupted patient and health provider communication.

High-Frequency Trading

Keeping Up with the Dow Joneses

Higher Speeds. Higher Stakes.

Effective monitoring and management of high-performance trading systems has become an important variable in the algorithm of financial success. Network operations teams have to guarantee a glitch-free trading environment by eliminating potential problems before they can affect the market.

With latencies measured in nanoseconds and the looming specter of a flash crash, high-frequency trading (HFT) firms have accelerated not only the speed of their securities, but also the security of their speed.

High-Frequency Trading

The Benefits of Nanosecond Visibility

Whatever role your business plays in the world of trading—exchange, broker-dealer, market maker—today's volume demands detailed visibility. When there is an issue with a trade execution or market feed, it is important to fix it fast. This means quickly identifying, triaging, and remedying the anomaly whether at the application or the network layer, in real time or post-event.

The outstanding order-flow analytics of the Observer Performance Management Platform can follow the trade to monitor and rapidly address client problems—from submission to final execution. Key metrics go back in time to detect past events like microburst, link-to-link connectivity issues, and detailed latency information on trades and market data. Points of congestion and dropped packets are isolated and eliminated for the perpetual optimization of the network.

Don't Trade Away Packet Details

Diagnose root cause with speed and accuracy Every packet, every time

In the world of HFT, one dropped packet can mean millions of dollars. Observer GigaStor is designed from the ground up to never miss a packet. The fastest and most scalable capture architecture in the industry is combined with a rugged, custom-designed, fault-tolerant chassis. The optimized capture card has been developed in-house for efficient traffic processing. Finally, GigaStor is loaded with powerful analytics to drill down to the packet-level data and make troubleshooting faster.

Diagnose root cause with speed and accuracyTiming is key

GigaStor can parse packets to the nanosecond with GPS time stamps so that you can truly assess how the entire trading environment is performing and optimize accordingly.

Diagnose root cause with speed and accuracyGet market data on time, in real time

Instant access to market data is a must.  Network congestion can mean gaps in data arrival. GigaStor easily detects this and via unique proximity analytics allows you to drill down to the narrow time window to see the problem and the cause.

Diagnose root cause with speed and accuracyBreak up bottlenecks

When slowdowns happen in the middle of a trade, locate network traffic jams with multi-hop analysis, and detailed latency breakouts with Connection Dynamics. Then, utilize GigaStor's automated microburst discovery to assess what caused the congestion.

Diagnose root cause with speed and accuracyFilter by specific trading metrics

Order-flow intelligence and historical perspectives for all transactions are critical for client trade performance visibility and for correlating with underlying network behavior. The Observer Platform’s powerful filtering sorts by any relevant trading metric including station, time, customer, order type, or trading symbol, offering in-depth awareness for all stages of the order process system.


Complete Coverage Optimizes Service Delivery

How Can You Ensure Non-Stop, High Performance Accessibility?

In the insurance industry the only constant is change. From hurricanes to fender benders, customers expect carriers to be the calm in the midst of life-changing storms. When a disaster occurs, everyone wants answers. Fast. Yet the insurance sector faces unprecedented challenges in underwriting, risk mitigation, finance, and service delivery.

To deal with disasters, compliance reports, and massive amounts of data, IT teams need network and application performance management that's rapid, agile, responsive, and precise. One that offers the power and intelligence to enhance web-based service delivery around the clock. Challenges also require high-speed support for global call centers, multi-level insights to facilitate quick claims processing, and device management for scaling up field resources in response to crises.


Validate All Points of Contact for Peak Performance

Meeting the challenges of IT teams within the insurance sector requires validation for every point of customer contact. Many insurance enterprises today depend on the Observer Performance Management Platform to keep the infrastructure problem-free and deliver optimal end-user experience. The Observer Platform provides IT teams with comprehensive, multi-tiered service views that quantify application, network, and virtual component health. Authorized stakeholders get data availability and device perspectives along with deep insights mined within the context of application behavior. Every component relationship is organized into a visual display for unparalleled knowledge of the complete IT environment.

End-to-End Monitoring. Fierce Troubleshooting. Fast Resolution.

See a wide range of IT resources with intense depthSee a wide range of IT resources with intense depth

Get the visibility needed to manage complex network and application activity surges during high-traffic times. See the big picture with real time high-level summary dashboards or historical reporting views. Drilldown to individual metrics or packets for rapid pinpointing of root-cause, and debug applications with insights from ongoing enterprise-wide monitoring across the network.

Increase uptime with end-to-end service health viewsIncrease uptime with end-to-end service health views

Speed up claims processing and elevate customer experience by reducing downtime with retrospective network analysis and in-depth application visibility. This dynamic approach offers a comprehensive picture of service health, ensuring soup-to-nuts support for thousands of services across cloud, virtual environments, and physical devices.

Get the industry's best VoIP and video support Get the industry's best VoIP and video support

From peer-to-peer to full telepresence systems, optimize customer, employee, and partner collaboration. In today's customer-centered insurance environment, keep communications rolling with comprehensive VoIP, videoconference, and streaming performance management. Extensive UC vendor support including Cisco, Lync, Nortel, and more.

Protect massive volumes of data with a high-security monitoring platform

Authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) protocols secure highly sensitive data traversing the network. The security of the Observer Platform allows approved users only, locking out unauthorized visitors using customized access control. Also includes encryption of all analysis communication as well as an option to include Data at Rest.

Improve knowledge of applications with transaction-level detail

Access to transaction-level detail improves network team knowledge of applications. With clear, graphical representations of transaction data it’s easy to visualize the flow and execution of the various application tiers as users consume IT services.

Mobile Communications

LTE Deserves Evolved Network Support

More Mobile. More Data. More Speed.

There are billions of mobile users across the globe and they all have one thing in common. They want more: more media, more apps, more voice – and more speed. To meet these data-rich delivery demands, say hello to Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology. Compared to today's 3G data rates of 2-3 Mbps, LTE predicts a future data download rate of 300 Mbps and beyond – 100 times faster.

To meet the need for this revolutionary speed, LTE leverages the power of IP infrastructure to significantly increase the performance of mobile communications. But once it's deployed, how do network carrier teams meet the challenge of high-volume, high-speed connections while delivering outstanding mobile experiences to millions of users?


Comprehensive Monitoring. Dynamic IP Intelligence.

As mobile environments jump to IP-based communications, meeting the challenges requires in-depth support. The Observer Performance Management Platform delivers comprehensive visibility to fully characterize your backhaul environment from pre-deployment to full operational status. With expansive analysis, packet-level IP detail, plus end-to-end service, device, and network vision, this powerful solutions helps to optimize 4G LTE service and each customer connection – whether it's across an ocean or down the street. 

For troubleshooting, look to the Observer Platform for real-time aggregate network views, intense drilldown power to identify root-cause, and the industry's fastest retrospective network analysis – which allows you to rewind the network to past events for fast and accurate problem solving.

The Observer Platform offers comprehensive support from the E-UTRAN to the Internet for protocol stacks and logical connections – with broad monitoring for specific protocols that power the LTE environment – Layers 2-7 like SCTP, GTPv2, NAS, and more. With the Observer Platform, you can also locate user identity and device details with high-level performance summaries to pinpoint who, where, and why a customer has a problem. And we generate automated reports of LTE-specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), to address the unique operational requirements of mobile carriers.

Designed for IT carrier teams

Get total protocol and transport supportGet total protocol and transport support

From the radio network through the backhaul to the Internet, get non-stop end-to-end support. This includes complete protocol and transport analysis for both LTE-specific and IP technologies. Populate user volume across customized links and use the Observer Platform to accurately detect and quickly enable rapid root-cause determination to minimize customer impact.

Simplify millions of connection metricsSimplify millions of connection metrics

With millions of mobile users, there are tons of metrics to sift through, and network teams need to access the relevant statistics for rapid troubleshooting. With the Observer Platform, you get robust data statistics specific to each interface and stack within the LTE environment – with metrics that tie to each link. Includes graphic displays of volumes and errors per user and in aggregate.

Zoom in and out of packet action

Top-down workflows allow network analysis to begin with a high-level composite of network activity and dive down into individual packets within specific transactions. High-level views and drilldown to packet details and operational metrics help deliver high-quality performances while traffic moves at breakneck speeds.

Grab and store data without slowdownsGrab and store data without slowdowns

Obtain and retain traffic from high-volume networks while maintaining high-performance, high-speed service delivery. With Observer GigaStor, just rewind the network and pinpoint issues by user, date, and time. It quickly defines whether a problem is a network or application issue and stores data for days, weeks, or months.

VoLTE SupportVoLTE Support

Fully characterize the health of your VoLTE (Voice Over LTE) environment at the individual user-IMS call session level with real-time perspectives of all key metrics including MOS, jitter, and packet loss. Replay specific calls to fully assess end-user experience or gain insight into system-wide performance over time using historically trended data.