Unified Communications (UC)

Succeed from Setup to Showtime.

What Happened to the Sound?

Your company is hosting an international video conference and two minutes into the presentation, the speaker's image blurs and the audio goes silent. A thousand miles away, you almost hear the groans. Is the problem VoIP, video, or something else? The timeframe for troubleshooting and resolution is impossibly short. 

With little room for error, UC management is daunting. Even on a small scale like one-on-one voice or chat, poor or disconnected communications can translate into substantial sales losses, negative impressions, and lost time. Video, VoIP, instant messaging, and email create challenges that include massive bandwidth demands, inter-service dependencies, and complex troubleshooting. To effectively deliver services, network teams need a unified solution set with sensitive monitoring within the context of system components and interactions.


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Unified Communications: 3 Steps to Success

Surprising statistics reveal the upcoming surge in bandwidth demand by UC applications. Stay ahead of the game with these performance monitoring strategies.

Deliver Consistent Clarity

From UC deployment verification to high performance delivery, the Observer Performance Management Platform keeps streaming video smoothly moving, voice transmissions clear and crisp, and messaging briskly paced. This powerful solution supports heterogeneous vendor coverage with extensive codec support and metrics to ensure video and audio quality are fully optimized.

High bandwidth video streams are supported by line-rate capture and write-to-disk support. In-depth monitoring intelligence is deployed for call setup and teardown, with payload transmission analytics for access to the nitty-gritty details of every network conversation. The Observer Platform provides total visibility of the network ecosystem and application analysis within an environmental context for insight into resource conflicts with potential end-user impact. Active discovery allows detection and polling of all devices to build comprehensive system profiles. If there’s a response failure, an alert is instantly sent.

Build Performance

Clarify issues with contextual insightClarify issues with contextual insight

The Observer Platform provides multi-faceted perspectives that create complete visibility into the shared UC environment. Multi-dimensional views show apps in context, clarifying how one component potentially affects another.

Find the devil in the detailsFind the devil in the details

The Observer Platform features powerful troubleshooting capabilities, with detail on voice and video communications including jitter, packet loss, and scoring metrics like MOS/vMOS (in aggregate and on a connection-by-connection basis). Metrics and tracking are per call/connection, so knowing the component and transaction call composition is unnecessary. This dramatically expedites troubleshooting. See the VoIP and video metrics we track.

Achieve peak performance with behavior analyticsAchieve peak performance with behavior analytics

Distinguish between typical and atypical component behaviors by employing baselines to set norms and automated triggers to send alerts when anomalies begin developing. Establishing normal component behavior expectations facilitates proactive management during pre-deployment sizing, testing UC impact on traditional apps in new environments, and post-deployment monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimization.

Get seamless multi-vendor views with robust support Get seamless multi-vendor views with robust support

Simplify UC through unified monitoring and troubleshooting for multi-vender environments. The Observer Platform features streamlined, end-to-end views of the whole UC environment – across multiple apps and physical components. It monitors for Cisco, Avaya, Nortel, Microsoft (including Lync) and more.

Solutions like the Observer platform represent a path to success, by providing both deep and broad views, allowing quick isolation of problems together with the details needed for efficient resolution. Such unified approaches hold the key to assuring positive end-user experience.

- Jim Frey, Managing Research Director of Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)